Semi-Private Training

Offering the benefits of a coach’s watchful eye with the cost effective and motivating environment of group training.

One-on-One Training

One-on-one Training at The Weight Room provides novice trainees and new clients with a coaching intensive environment to lay down solid foundation for a long successful training career.

Sports Performance Training

The only logical option for athletes of all ages. Proper progressions are used to develop an athlete’s joint mobility; upper and lower body explosiveness, maximal strength and sport specific conditioning.

General Membership with Program Design

Intended for those trainees who are on a budget but still understand the importance and the value of a coach’s guidance.

Semi-Private Kettlebell Training

Training with kettlebells helps to improve a number of fitness qualities, namely dynamic strength, endurance, muscle building and fat loss. Kettlebell lifts also promote mobility and stability which set the body up for strength gains while making also making it more resilient.

In semi-private training with Sharon Shiner, you’ll learn kettlebell lifts from the ground up, including the correct way to do Hardstyle swings, cleans, snatches, squats, presses and Turkish Get Ups, then progress on to jerks, push presses and bent presses. Hardstyle is the balance between tension (strength and power) and relaxation (speed, endurance and flexibility). Many martial arts and sports require both tension and relaxation and kettlebell trains this cycle into the muscles in a way no other lifting tool can. Sharon teaches the movement system, Original Strength, which improves your proprioception, vestibular system (balance) and builds your core and reflexive strength.

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